Leonardo Balbi Painter

Galleria / Atelier
Via Allende 10/A
46100 Mantova (MN)
tel: 0376 39 27 66
email: leonardo@balbi.com


Sited in via Allende, near Palazzo Te, in Mantua, the atelier gallery of Leonardo Balbi is an exhibit space with annexed studio-laboratory, a workshop inside the gallery itself.
The artist has passionately believed in this project, achieved by restoring a 19th century factory. Though it may now seem to have been an easy job, its definition and completion have taken quite long, but, as everybody knows, dreams need time to come true. This atelier gallery translates the artist’s will to create a space capable of containing his large size works.

Entering the gallery, visitors are struck by the fascination of this place, a huge open space with vault ceiling and splendid original arches. If the whole structure has maintained its historical integrity, it also shows a special attention for a space at the forefront of contemporary art.